Moving with Your Furry Friend

Planning a move with your pet? Not to worry. While many of our apartment communities welcome pets with open arms, such as Country Place Apartments, The Swift Petworth, The Arcadian, Brighton Village, and 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, all of their leasing teams are here to help your move run smoothly with your furry friend.

Check out the list below our team of leasing professionals put together to help prepare you and your pets and ease them through the moving process.

  1. Keep your pet away from moving activities
    Packing will without-a-doubt make your pet uneasy, and they will likely cling to you like glue. Instead of subjecting them to this stress, confine them to a room or their crate for the time being. Provide your furry friend with a blanket and some toys to keep them occupied.
  1. Help your pet explore his or her new home
    Your pet will be eager to investigate their new apartment home, but they might also be a little nervous too. Your presence will help with the process, which is why it’s important for you to allow them to explore the home and get a feel of their new surroundings and slowly develop a routine they’re comfortable with.
  1. Give your pet more confined time early on
    When moving your belongings into your new apartment home, it’s best to keep your pet confined until the movers have left or you’re done moving everything in. This reduces the risk of an escape, and protects them from injury as large objects and heavy foot traffic move about.
  1. Ease into a new routine
    While you might be excited about your new home, your pet will most likely take some time before they recognize the space as their own. Pet owners should be aware of this when leaving pets home alone, especially early on after the move. If you need to go out, try doing so in small doses for the first week to ease your pet’s anxiety.

Relocating with a pet can be a bit stressful if you don’t stop to think about your pet’s experience. By preparing your pet for the move, you will help combat negative reactions and enjoy a better transition into your new apartment home. Contact our leasing offices and find out how we’ll help you and your furry friend through the moving process!