Our Mission

The mission of Polinger Company is to enhance the value of real estate assets and provide quality environments in which to work and live while acting with respect, integrity, and caring in our interactions with clients, tenants, and each other.

Who We Are

Polinger Company is a fully integrated real estate organization that creates exceptional value for its investors, and equity partners, while providing high quality life/work environments for residents, and corporate tenants. Our success is attributable to:

  • Seventy-five years of experience in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.
  • Our ability to leverage our operating divisions – acquisitions/development, property management and construction services – to create synergies that produce positive returns and enhance asset values.
  • A stable team of experienced professionals whose skill sets complement one another and bring added value to each asset.
  • Employing an owner’s perspective in acquiring, developing, repositioning and managing income-producing real estate assets.
  • Our long-term presence in the industry, providing us invaluable knowledge and experience.

Core Values

Honesty and Integrity – We practice transparent day-to-day operations to ensure our partners, residents, and employees understand that we value their choice to live and work with us. We appreciate these relationships and work to maintain trust.

Respect – We value the expertise of our employees and empower them to represent our company through showing care, consideration, and empathy for all they encounter. And we do the same.

Caring for Employees – Through our benefits package, our understanding of individual needs, and our genuine concern for humanity, our employee care allows us to share success and enhance life outside of the office.

Teamwork – We would not be the company we are without our dedicated team. Our employees provide excellent service to our residents, improve the environment around them, and build prosperous relationships for growth. We cannot thank them enough for their vital contribution to our organization.

Excellence – Our deep roots and relationships in the Washington, DC real estate industry date back to the Polinger Company’s formation in 1947 and its acquisition of the commercial division of Shannon & Luchs in 1993. Today, our portfolio includes award-winning apartment and commercial buildings managed by our professional, top-rated team.