Polinger Company is the Leader in Real Estate Services

Polinger Company has 70 years of experience in Residential and Commercial Real Estate in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. We specialize in Acquisitions/Development, Construction Services, and Residential and Commercial Management. We are committed to achieving the goals of our owners and meeting the needs of their properties. Our apartment homes are located in great locations and we offer premier office space opportunities. Above all, we strive to excel in all aspects of the real estate business.

Our Mission

The mission of Polinger Company is to create and enhance the value of real estate assets while providing quality environments in which to work and live.

Polinger Company provides its client with the very best real estate services, from development and sales to management and leasing. We do this by treating our marketplace, clients, competitors, vendors, consumers and ourselves with respect and professionalism.

Each employee contributes to the quality of service through his or her professionalism and dedication to serving the needs of our clients.

We measure our success in quality of life, quality of service, and quality of craftsmanship.