Benefits of Apartment Living in the Winter Months

It’s no secret that when you think “winter” in the mid-Atlantic, you think of slush and snow. Sometimes as early as October. And sometimes as late as March. Luckily, Washington, D.C. and the surrounding metropolitan area in Maryland offers a host of living options that will keep you warm and entertained all season long. Here are just some of the benefits of apartment living in the winter:

On-site Fitness Center:

GymWhile you may feel inclined to stay curled up on the couch all winter, motivation to exercise is easier to find when you have an on-site fitness facility. Residents of Highland House, Highland House West, Congressional Towers, Rollins Park, Country Place, Brighton Village, and The Swift Petworth all have access to their community’s 24/7 fitness center. Cardio, strength training, and yoga don’t have to wait until the spring!

No Parking Spot Anxiety

Parked SUVOne of the biggest wintertime hassles for homeowners is digging out their driveways during a snowstorm. Even more anxiety-ridden are those that live in a city and have to compete for parking spots. Skip the stress and backache. Enjoy the comforts of garage parking at 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, The Swift Petworth, Bethesda Place, Highland House, and Highland House West.

Commute On the Metro

Forget about cars and parking spots altogether by commuting using the Metro. Traveling during the winter is especially hectic with road closures, plowing schedules, and dangerous conditions. Avoiding traffic and the weather conditions are just two of the many benefits of using the Metro. Congressional Towers, Rollins Park, Bethesda Place, Highland House, Highland House West, and The Swift Petworth are located three blocks or closer to a station.

Proximity to Grocery Stores

SafewayHomes are never attached to grocery stores, but some apartments are! The Swift Petworth has a Safeway onsite. Residents enjoy the convenience of stocking up on groceries with minimal outdoor exposure. When the forecast calls for a snowstorm, stores are often inundated by the panicked public. However, residents have such ease of access to the store, they can beat the crowds!

Community Events

One of the best perks of apartment living is organized events and activities hosted by the community staff. No need to watch the same show on Netflix for the fourth time when you could be participating in a paint night, hot cocoa bar, or cookie exchange! Additionally, Brighton Village, Country Place Apartments, Congressional Towers, and Rollins Park offer large recreation rooms that residents can take advantage of throughout the year.

Looking to make a move? Check out all of the properties managed by the Polinger Company and live a life of convenience and comfort!

10 Apartment Living New Year’s Resolutions

Make 2019 the year that you achieve all your apartment related goals! Recent studies show that nearly 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned within a couple of months.¹ Setting small, short-term goals for yourself throughout the year is one of the best ways to stay on target. From sprucing up your existing space to utilizing community resources, here are some achievable resolution ideas to make the most of apartment living:

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Shine Bright This Winter at The Local Light-filled Festivities

There is never a shortage of fun and festive events in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas in the winter. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or looking to enjoy spectacular light displays, there is something for everyone! Take a look at events near you:Tree lights


Washington, D.C.

With so many awesome activities going on, why not be close to all the action? Polinger Company manages a multitude of properties in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas. If you are looking to live someplace with frequent, local community events check out one of our wonderful properties! The Swift Petworth, Congressional Towers, and Rollins Park have ZipCar parking to help you get to and from events more easily, or simply hop on the Metro when you live at one of our properties that is just minutes from a  Metro station. Discover the perfect property for all your needs.

Advice for Studio Apartment Living

Studio apartments offer the most important features of any apartment in a compact and efficient layout. They are the perfect option for those seeking a streamlined living experience that is low maintenance. Other perks of studios include that they are usually more affordable than multi-bedroom apartments and there is less cleaning to do! Here is some advice on how to make the most of your fabulous studio apartment:

Maximize Storage with Multifunctional Furniture

A few clever tricks can make a world of difference when it comes to creating more storage space. Using multifunctional furniture can you save you money and space. Why buy two different items when you could buy one that serves various purposes? For example, a dresser can function as both storage for clothing and as an entryway side table where you can place photos, keys, and your mail. Instead of a coffee table, you can use an ottoman which functions as storage, a footrest, and as a tray if the one you purchase has a lid that flips over.

Keep Out the Clutter

Living in a studio apartment can help you maintain an organized lifestyle. With fewer rooms to get messy, it is simple to keep your space tidy and only hang on to significant belongings. With time you save on cleaning you can spend time exploring the amazing amenities of your apartment community.

Embrace Community Space and Amenities

The best part about living in any apartment community is utilizing the myriad of amenities available to residents. Community social lounges are perfect for hanging out with your neighbors. If your apartment community offers a fitness center you can get your workout in without leaving the comforts of the building. When summertime rolls around, community pools offer fun and relaxation. With all the resources offered by apartment communities nowadays, it is easy to socialize.

The Polinger Company manages numerous properties with perfectly sized studio apartments in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas. Looking to live the D.C. city life? Explore The Swift Petworth, 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, or 4000 Massachusetts Avenue. For those seeking a suburban lifestyle, you can explore Highland House in Chevy Chase, MD. Wherever you decide to call home, you can rest assured knowing you know the best ways to get the most out of studio apartment living!

5 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in an Apartment

Autumn weather is officially in full swing. Before you know it November 22 will be here – Thanksgiving Day! People often have fond memories of the holiday including everything from watching football to the large meal shared with loved ones. Guests at a party can enjoy it carefree, but the host sometimes becomes frazzled from all the multitasking required to pull off the perfect party. Hosting the holiday can be stressful; cleaning, cooking, and entertaining take a lot of time and energy. Here are some tips and tricks for hosting Thanksgiving in your apartment:

  1. Tidy up in advance: If the thought of cleaning your apartment from top to bottom in one day seems unrealistic for you, try taking it one day at a time. Start the Monday of Thanksgiving week by tackling two or three tasks each evening such as scrubbing the bathroom, folding the laundry, and loading the dishwasher. By Thursday your space will be sparkling!
  2. Make a timeline: It can be helpful to make a tentative timeline for yourself of when guests will be arriving, when to put out appetizers, dinner time, and even how long you anticipate guests staying as they nurse food comas! Setting reminders and timers on your cell phone are other ways to remind yourself of things such as when it’s time to start baking the biscuits. 
  3. Frozen produce are your friend: When it comes time to get cooking the turkey might actually be the easiest part. Prepare it how you wish and just pop it in the oven. The tricky part is timing all your side dishes to be hot when the main dish is ready. Using frozen veggies such as string beans, cubed squash, and even mashed potatoes will make life easier when all you have to do is steam them in the microwave or simmer on the stove just before the turkey is done. They also help you save precious space in your fridge to chill beverages and desserts.
  4. Maximize space: If you are hosting a large crowd, maximize space by rearranging some “non-essential” furniture such as end tables or large lamps. Temporarily moving just a few items can open up quite a bit of space for socializing.
  5. Ask for help: Crafting the perfect holiday gathering on your own can be overwhelming, don’t be afraid to ask a guest or two to arrive early and help set the table or cook!

Hosting Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be an intimidating task when you live at one of the Polinger Company properties. Each of our communities boasts unique kitchen features that will make preparing your feast easy and enjoyable. Bethesda Place and Highland House feature granite countertops, the perfect place to slice and dice! Country Place and Brighton Village offer gas cooking and eat-in kitchens. Guests will be impressed by the modern Cleansteel™ appliances located in The Swift Petworth. They will be begging you to host again next year!