Do’s and Don’ts for Apartment Moving

The busiest season for apartment moves happens between May and September, as summer time is when kids are out of school, college students graduate, and the weather is nice for outdoor activities like moving.

No matter the season, the moving process can be a bit exhausting, especially if you don’t plan ahead. Here are some foolproof do’s and don’ts to help keep organized and stress-free while moving into a new apartment.

Do know your new apartment’s layout

In order to know what you can and can’t bring, you should know your new apartment’s layout. If possible, get into the apartment before moving day to take pictures and measure the windows for curtains and any areas where you’ll be putting furniture and decor.

Don’t put off packing

We know, packing isn’t fun, but one of the key ways to stay organized while preparing for your move is to pack early. If you get a head start a few weeks before moving day, you’ll be able to pack almost all of the nonessentials, such as out-of-season clothes, linens, kitchen and bathroom supplies, and so on.

Do make a to-do list

There are a lot of things  to keep track of when making a big move; what items you have already, what items you don’t have or need, what items you don’t have or want, should you hire movers, when to pick up keys, when to pick up the moving truck, what time slot you’ll be able to move in, etc. You could always download a moving app, like Moving List or Moving Planner, depending on whether you have an iPhone or Android.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Moving is no easy task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Enlist your friends and family members throughout the process to make everything a bit easier and more fun. Ask your friends to help you pack and see if your family members can help you pick up the truck. Also, call our rental offices for preferred movers that may ease the stress of moving.

The most important thing is to not let the stress of moving overtake the excitement, so make sure to plan ahead and have fun with it!

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