Spring Cleaning Tips Before You Move

Spring is not only the perfect time of year to start thinking about cleaning out and de-cluttering your apartment home, but it is also prime moving season.

The real estate market starts to heat up each year around the same time as the weather and days are longer, which means more daylight to get the work done. But before you move into a Polinger community, something that can be a huge effort in and of itself, cleaning your apartment home and sorting your belongings first will save you time and money.

Luckily, our communities offer amble storage space and spacious floor plans for neatly organizing your belongings and making your home reflect your lifestyle year-round.

Here are a few spring cleaning tips our leasing teams want you to consider before you move:

1) Plan your spring cleaning in advance

You wouldn’t wake up one morning and decide to move and spring cleaning should be no different. Pick a weekend when you can focus on nothing but cleaning the apartment. Make a checklist in advance of all the supplies you are going to need. Even once the apartment is clean and you are ready to move, don’t leave packing up all your things to the last minute; start a few weeks in advance and pack away a little bit each week, starting with the things you are not going to need between then and when you move into your new Polinger apartment home.

2) De-clutter your house instead of packing everything up

Do you really need everything you’ve accumulated over the years in your current home to be with you in your new apartment home? Before packing everything, go through the house and get rid of what you don’t need. But don’t throw everything away! Read on to find out why….

3) Prepare for a big clean

Cleaning your home to prepare for a move is a lot different than your weekly routine of scrubbing the toilets, vacuuming the carpets, mopping the floors, and changing the sheets on the bed. This clean is going to take the entire weekend, so be prepared by having everything you need in advance and not making any other plans.

4) Prepare for another big clean

“Another big clean? But I just cleaned my entire apartment!”

While it’s true that you just spent an entire weekend cleaning, don’t forget that you put in all that time and effort in order to move into a new apartment, and more than likely that apartment had people living in it before you. Did they do a big clean before they moved out? If not, doing one yourself is going to be the last thing on your mind while you are busy unpacking boxes and arranging furniture, plus it will be much easier to clean an empty apartment than one that is quickly filling up with all of your things.

5) Stop and think before you throw something away

We told you before not to just throw everything away and now we’re going to tell you why! While your first inclination when cleaning and moving is to do just that you will want to carefully assess everything before tossing it in the trash. Things like old bed sheets and towels can be used as protective wrapping or dust rags when you move and many of your old belongings might sell well at a yard sale, or you could donate them to a worthy cause and get a tax deduction.

6) Make sure your furniture is going to fit

When packing and labeling your boxes, make sure you’re studying your new apartment home’s floor plan and really putting some thought into where your furniture is going to go and where each piece fits best. A good thing to do is measure each piece, the apartment door, and its destination.

Our leasing teams are here to help you choose the right floor plan to fit your lifestyle. They will help you determine where to place your furniture and if it will fit. Each apartment community offers multiple options that will make your move much less stressful.

Cleaning and moving can be a bit hectic, so we hope these tips make things a little bit easier for you!

Keep in mind that our communities offer the finest quality in all aspects of apartment living at affordable prices! So, when you’re preparing for a big move and looking for a new home to settle down in, contact one of our leasing offices today and find out the many luxuries of living at a Polinger community!