Last Minute Spring-Cleaning


Just because summer is almost here, doesn’t mean there isn’t time to do a little spring-cleaning. Sometimes things get a little hectic and our homes are subjected to clutter and piles and piles of stuff. You don’t have to break your back getting your home nice and tidy. Instead, check out a few ways to easily and efficiently get in some much-needed spring-cleaning before spring passes you by and you’re too busy having fun in the sun.

You’re probably wondering; “Where should I start?” Well, it’s very simple. Focus on tackling the most cluttered and messy spaces in your home.

  • Closet  –

Maybe you want to start with your closet. The majority of Polinger’s communities offer walk-in closets. In addition to Columbia Plaza’s beautiful and easy-to-clean parquet floors, they offer walk-in closets in every apartment.

4000 Massachusetts’ spacious floor plans and hardwood floors among many other luxurious amenities provide the ideal walk-in closet in each and every apartment, presenting residents with more room for storage. Congressional Towers is yet another Polinger community that offers walk-in closets. Despite all these closets being spacious, they too can become jam-packed with various belongings. After a long day, it’s so easy just to throw things in there and forget about them.

A good start would be to organize your clothes, shoes, and whatever else is in your closet into categories. For example, any old stuff that you no longer want or need can be donated. Try going through your winter clothes and shoes and if you feel like you haven’t used them in a while, consider giving them away. Anything that’s torn or somehow ruined, but for whatever reason, is still in your closet, have a trash bag on hand and commit to tossing them. Not only is this experience rewarding in terms of cleaning and organizing, but you also could potentially be reintroduced to belongings you’ve searched long and hard for and thought you’d never see again!


  • Kitchen –

Tackling the kitchen can be intimidating and sometimes somewhat gross. Don’t be alarmed if you find leftover Halloween candy! There’s so much to clean from the pantry to the fridge. Country Place Apartments’ full-size refrigerators give you plenty of space to organize. Not only that, but Highland House West’s upgraded kitchens make spring-cleaning more of a breeze and the end result look and feel even more appealing. Highland House’s beautiful gourmet kitchens with granite countertops also make it easier to tidy up.

Taking stock of what you have in your pantry and fridge and throwing out expired food items is important. You can also organize the good items in both based on food categories, such as snacks, meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, and so on. You’ll feel so accomplished the next time you open your pantry or fridge to a clean and organized sight.

  • Bathroom –

Before wrapping up your last minute spring-cleaning, it’s good to get your bathroom(s) in order. Clean up whatever is hiding underneath your bathmats and give your tub and shower a nice scrub. Sorting through all of your belongings on your vanity and in your medicine cabinet is important. Anything outdated or you no longer use can be tossed, clearing your bathroom of any unnecessary clutter. With Congressional Towers’ individual storage space, residents who need extra room for their belongings can safely tuck them away, making spring-cleaning way less of a hassle.

It’s easy to see that Polinger’s communities offer the essential amenities to make your stay a breeze. It’s hard to find an updated place with the room to neatly support your lifestyle and its belongings. That’s why these communities, among many more, offer the finest quality in all aspects of apartment living at affordable prices! Check with our communities, as they host yard sales and recycling events throughout the summer, making cleaning out your home a piece of cake. In fact, The Swift at Petworth just recently hosted a computer recycling event on Saturday, April 30. Call or visit one of our leasing offices today and find your dream home in a jiffy!