Choose A Polinger Property For Your Back to School Needs!

It’s August so as a parent or student you know what that means! Back to school time! If you’re an undergraduate, graduate or post graduate student or the parent of a student, you know that one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to back to school time is finding the proper housing. Many universities and colleges in the Maryland and D.C. area don’t offer on-campus housing or only offer it for first year students due to campus size and capacity. With that being said, off-campus housing is a necessity and we’re here to tell you why Polinger properties make great options for you!

1) Location, Location, Location

It’s no secret, D.C. offers some of the best higher education institutions in the nation univand our properties are in prime location to many of them. Universities such as American, Georgetown, George Washington, Howard, and even University of Maryland, College Park are all within an easy distance from many of our properties. Whether it’s a quick metro ride or a short drive, living at a Polinger property is ideal for students in the Maryland and D.C. area.

2) Affordability

Not only is location a prime factor in choosing an apartment while in college but it’s also important to consider the financial aspect. All of our properties are reasonably priced, and many offer 2 and 3 bedrooms, which is perfect for roommates. Many Polinger properties offer co-signing so parents can be a part of the process should they find it beneficial. Another great cost-saving feature of many of our properties is that we offer fully furnished units. No need to spend the money on living room furniture or bedroom sets, it’s essentially like dorm living but in a much nicer, larger apartment!

3) Utilities Included

Many of our properties such as Highland House and Congressional Towers, have all utilities included within the monthly rent. This means there’s no hassle in choosing a cable and internet service provider or electricity provider since these are already set up for you prior to your move. This also means all charges are included on one bill. There’s no need for busy and focused college students and parents to remember various billing dates or charges.

4) Amenities

image_5Living at a Polinger property during college will save you money while also providing you with great amenities. Many of our properties have pools, fitness centers, parking, and on-site laundry facilities available at little or no cost at all. Some like Highland House, Highland House West, Bethesda Place, and The Swift at Petworth Metro, have extra on-site conveniences such as dry cleaning services, cafes, doctor’s offices, beauty salons, and business rooms, perfect for when a paper is due and the personal printer won’t work! Check out these links for a full description of each property’s amenities:

5) Flexible Lease Options and Furnished Apartments

Another benefit to living at a Polinger property as a student is that many properties offer short term leases ranging from 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. This is perfect for a student who only needs housing for one or two semesters or who doesn’t wish to spend their summer vacation in D.C.
Living in a Polinger apartment is a wonderful experience for any resident, as you can see we offer many options that make us ideal for the college student. For more information about each property click on the following links: Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Rockville, Washington, D.C., Gaithersburg, and Burtonsville.