10 Apartment Living New Year’s Resolutions

Make 2019 the year that you achieve all your apartment related goals! Recent studies show that nearly 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned within a couple of months.¹ Setting small, short-term goals for yourself throughout the year is one of the best ways to stay on target. From sprucing up your existing space to utilizing community resources, here are some achievable resolution ideas to make the most of apartment living:

    1. Upgrade Your Furniture – Whether you’re the DIY-type, a thrifty shopper, or a big spender, treat yourself to a furniture upgrade. Home furnishing sites and stores such as Wayfair, UncommonGoods, and Ikea, all offer affordable and trendy items. A new couch or coffee table can make a world of difference when it comes to redecorating!
    2. Master Meal Prepping – Save money throughout the work week by meal prepping your lunches over the weekend. You can easily save $30-50 per week just by planning ahead. All of the Polinger Company communities offer wonderful, modern kitchens for meal prep including Bethesda Place and Highland House, which feature granite countertops.
    3. Decrease Your Carbon Footprint – Living in an area with great public transportation options is ideal for cutting down on emissions from cars. If you can live without a car, try taking the Metro to work. The Swift Petworth is two blocks from the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro Station, Rollins Park is three blocks from the Twinbrook Metro Station, and Bethesda Place is located over the footbridge to the Bethesda Metro Station to name just a few options.
    4. Take Advantage of the Gym – If your apartment community offers a fitness facility, use it! For those that dread the thought of exercise, try going twice a week for one month. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be inclined to hit the gym rather than the “Next Episode” button on Netflix. Some of the many apartment communities that feature ample cardio and strength equipment include Brighton Village, Country Place, Highland House West, and Highland House.  
    5. Tackle Tidying Up Efficiently – No one enjoys doing chores in their free time. Avoid the cleaning blues by tidying up throughout the week. That means putting your clothes in the hamper instead of creating a mountain-sized pile on the floor by Friday.
    6. Put Your Green Thumb To The Test – Try your hand at being a plant parent! There are numerous plants that are considered low maintenance. Research the needs of Devil’s Ivy, cacti, Spider plants, succulents, and more to find one that is right for you!
    7. Clean Out Clutter – Start off the new year with a decluttered closet. Donate gently used clothing and items to organizations like Goodwill. You will feel great for having a cleaner apartment and having given to those in need.
    8. Give A Furry-Friend A Home – If your apartment community is pet-friendly consider adopting a pet that abides by the breed and weight restrictions. There are many perks of living with a pet! You get a new companion and they get a new home. Polinger pet-friendly communities include Country Place, The Swift Petworth, Brighton Village, Rollins Park, and 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    9. Utilize Community Amenities – Challenge yourself to use your apartment community amenities throughout the year. 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue offers a full-service concierge and Brighton Village will have a brand new swimming pool in 2019!
    10. Meet A New Neighbor – Everyone is always a little nervous to be the new neighbor, so help him/her feel more at home by introducing yourself. You might just meet your next best friend!

When it comes to achieving all of your apartment lifestyle goals, do them in a Polinger Community property. There is a lifestyle to please everyone. Discover yours today!