4 Perks of Pet-Friendly Living

There is nothing more exciting to pet owners than seeing the words “pet-friendly” during the search for a new apartment. Animal lovers know firsthand just how beneficial living with pets can be.

  1. Companionship – Dogs and cats provide companionship which helps combat feelings of loneliness and promotes the feeling of being loved. It is easy to relax when you have your furry friend curled up on your lap or next to you on the couch. 

  2. Health Benefits – Studies have shown that having a pet has multiple health benefits including decreasing stress and blood pressure.

  3. Socializing – It is sometimes hard to meet new people or to know what to talk about when you do, but owning a pet makes it easier. Taking your pet outside will help you cross paths with other pet owners and strike up a conversation. You’ll be sure to bond with a neighbor over cute pet photos and stories.

  4. Life Lessons – Owning and caring for a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. Pets help people keep to a consistent schedule (exercise, meals, etc.) and foster the development of compassion and trust.

Whether your fur-baby is a dog or cat, Polinger Company offers five living communities that are pet-friendly. Make yourself at home at Country Place Apartments located in Burtonsville, MD where your cat can lounge all day until you return and your dog will be ecstatic to play in the Bark Park. If you are looking for a townhome that is dog-friendly, look no further than Rollins Park Apartments in Rockville, MD where your four-legged friend will enjoy your voluminous living space. Brighton Village Apartments in Gaithersburg, MD is the perfect place to call home if you have a feline friend. Life in Washington, D.C. couldn’t be any better than living at either The Swift Petworth or 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue where dogs and cats alike will rejoice in their lovely homes. The concierge at 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue is more than happy to walk or feed your furry friend when you need assistance!

If you have questions about any of our communities specific pet policies please contact the community’s leasing office. And please stop by for a visit with your pet – they are always welcome and we usually have treats!