Have a Picnic

Summer is rolling along, so embrace the warm weather by enjoying a meal outside in the sun! Since July is National Picnic Month, pack your basket with a delicious and nutritious lunch and lay a blanket out in the perfect spot. Among the many amenities that Polinger’s communities offer, many of them also present the ideal setting for a fun and peaceful picnic.


Haven’t been on a picnic in what seems like ages? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Here are the top five things to bring to your next picnic at one of the Polinger’s communities.

1. Picnic basket

You have to get something to put everything in! Even if you prefer a tote or backpack over a basket, it’s important to securely pack all of your picnic belongings and essentials in something that’s easy to carry.

2. Blanket

Both Highland House and Highland House West offer beautifully landscaped courtyards with gazebos, great for relaxing in the sun, reading a book, and of course, hosting an awesome picnic. Just lay your blanket out in their courtyards and you will be set! It should be large enough to for everyone to sit and enjoy your meal. It should also be a light one that is easily folded and stored. So, don’t forget to bring a blanket!

3. Ice pack or bags of ice

Keep everything cold with refreezable ice packs, or simply fill a couple of resealable bags with ice cubes and toss into your basket. They’ll chill food as it’s transported and provide a way to keep your drinks cold and refreshing.

Your lunch will be at just the right temperature while relaxing in The Arcadian’s gorgeous setting. They offer an outdoor pool surrounded by grills and picnic areas ideal for your perfect picnic. Residents don’t have to worry about how to spend their summer days at The Arcadian.

4. Tableware and trash bags

The Swift offers a seemingly never-ending list of ideal amenities to keep residents having a good time and staying healthy, their landscaped courtyard comes with plenty of lounging areas for your ideal picnic. With the courtyard just steps from your apartment home, don’t forget your napkins!

Unless you’re just eating sandwiches and drinking out of bottles, don’t forget to pack stackable styrofoam cups and plates! Not only are these lightweight, but they’re also easy to just toss in the trash when finished. Don’t be a litterbug! Make sure you dispose of everything you bring on your picnic.

5. Sandwiches or finger foods

Bethesda Place’s beautifully landscaped courtyard oasis is a great spot to enjoy that perfect sandwich, read a book, or just bask in the summer sun. With the perfect combination of classic and modern design, set up a picnic in this tranquil sanctuary amidst the beauty of nature. There’s plenty of room to lay out your blanket and enjoy a meal. Packing sandwiches or finger foods makes for an easy lunch and a lighter picnic basket.

While many of Polinger’s communities offer the space and setting for residents to enjoy a tranquil picnic, there are many necessities you should remember to bring along for your fun day in the sun. In honor of National Picnic Month, get out and have a picnic! In the meantime, contact our leasing offices today and find out more about why our communities are the perfect fit year round!