5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment

On February 2, Phil the Groundhog predicted an early spring. What better reason to get ahead on spring cleaning? Whether you are currently living in a studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartment home, it never hurts to periodically declutter belongings and update the decor. Here are tips and tricks that’ll help freshen up your space:

1. Get Rid of Clutter 

Decluttering is the first step you’ll want to take towards a tidier apartment. Go through your closets, kitchen cabinets and drawers, under beds, and other places that tend to collect clutter. Donate clothes you haven’t worn in months, get rid of mismatched or duplicate kitchen items, and if you have gadgets or toys that haven’t been touched in a while, it’s time to let them go.

2. Brighten Your Space 

Supplement your natural lighting with a new lamp. Floor and end table lamps offer the opportunity for brighter lighting and a new decorative piece. Sun lamps can help you get through the remaining winter days until the sun is up longer. Highland House West and Highland House offer floor to ceiling windows, making extra lighting a tip you can skip!  

3. Be a Plant Parent 

Fake or real, a plant can spruce up any space! From tiny succulents to larger potted plants, having greenery in the home adds a tasteful, spring element. If you’re feeling ambitious and your apartment has a balcony, you may want to give growing your own produce a shot once the weather is ideal. All apartment plans in Bethesda Place and 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue offer balconies. Brighton Village and Rollins Park offer a balcony or patio depending on the floor plan.

4. Use Aroma Therapy Instead of Candles 

Diffusers for essential oils are a perfect replacement for candles. They offer the versatility of changing scents as desired and the oils can help relieve stress, headaches, and more depending on the type. Lemon is the perfect scent for a fresh and clean smelling apartment! Many diffusers come with the option of color changing lights making it both a useful and aesthetically fun addition to your apartment.

5. Make Thrifty Decor Updates

Freshen up your living room by putting new pillow covers on your throw pillows, no need to buy whole new pillows. Give old picture frames a fresh coat of paint, create a headboard from plywood, or add wallpaper to your bookcase. There are endless resources online for fun crafts that are affordable and boost the atmosphere of your space with a personal touch.

For those looking to make a space their own, explore the many fabulous apartment communities managed by Polinger Company. Our portfolio of apartments offers locations in the Washington, D.C. metro area and Maryland. Your new apartment home awaits!