Perks of Concierge Living

Imagine having someone to be that extra helping hand when you need it. Now more and more places are offering new and elevated services designed to make your life easier from the moment you walk through the door. Below we explore the perks of having comprehensive concierge care in your community:

    1. Package Security & Delivery
      With the convenience and time-saving benefits of online shopping, people are receiving more packages than ever. Unfortunately, having the delivery man leave it on a doorstep leaves your goods vulnerable to theft. Concierge services in a building add an extra layer of security so you don’t have to think twice about where to get that Amazon package shipped. It will also stop the frustrating back and forth “sorry we missed you” sticky notes from the mail-carrier. The Swift Petworth now has the Luxer One system. Once a package is logged in residents receive an email with a code as well as a barcode. Then, residents can come down at their earliest convenience and pick up their package!  
    2. Less Time Spent on Tasks
      From walking the dog to getting theater tickets, a full-service daily concierge has the ability to be more of a personal assistant than your average doorman. Residents at 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue enjoy a full suite of services at their fingertips. Restaurant reservations, interior designers, pet-feeding, groceries, dry-cleaning, and scheduling appointments are just some of the perks this Washington DC West End community provides. And what do all these benefits bring? More time to spend on the fun things in life. 
    3. Luxurious Lifestyle
      Concierge services are the ultimate way to “treat yourself.” With the increased emphasis on self-care now, there is the realization that we need to make more time for ourselves instead of letting the hustle and bustle of life sweep us away. The extra hand or friendly face when you walk into the building is a valuable part of having a higher quality of life. Residents at 4000 Massachusetts Avenue in the Cathedral Heights neighborhood of Washington DC have 24-hour front desk concierge service and entrance doorman service. The perfect assistant for life’s comings and goings.

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