Why You Should Choose An Apartment With a Gym

The process of moving into an apartment can be as active as a workout, but it’s all worth it in the end when you get to enjoy your beautiful new place. The same way exercising is worth it in the end when you feel that rush of feel-good endorphins. Now once you get adjusted to your new place, it’s time to create a routine. How will you incorporate healthy choices in your lifestyle? Below we explore the reasons why fitness centers are such a valued amenity:  

  1. Save on big-box gym memberships. Many gyms can charge up to $100 a month for access and if there are a pool and group classes you can expect to have the cost added into your membership fee. Rollins Congressional Club is a free amenity for our Rollins Park and Congressional Towers communities and includes treadmills, elliptical step machines, group classes, and a pool! The pool has lots of features you’ll enjoy in the summertime like a Lazy River, lap pool, and swimming lessons.

    The Swift Petworth Fitness Center
    The Swift Petworth Fitness Center
  2. Cut your commute time. Surveys and studies have told us that commute time can have a direct effect on your overall well-being. With a gym right in your building, you’re already exercising by simply walking to it and you can maximize the time there instead of in your car getting to the gym. Achieve your health goals with ease in the fully-equipped fitness center with Precor equipment and free weights at The Swift Petworth.
  3. Open whenever you want to go. Have an usual schedule or work odd hours? You don’t have to rush to make a group class time or open gym hours. You can work out whenever it’s convenient with a gym at your fingertips. Highland House Communities and many of our other communities have 24-hour access.
  4. Save money not buying gym equipment. Fitness equipment trends come and go. Remember the Bow-Flex® or now the Peloton® bike? People tend to buy equipment because they believe having easy access will make them more active. You’ll never have the urge to make an expensive purchase that often ends up collecting dust because you’ll already have the convenience of an in-building gym. Our communities in Montgomery County like Brighton Village and Country Place Apartments, both offer comprehensive fitness centers.
  5. Make new friends. Your gym at your apartment building will be made up of members of your community so you’re likely to see friendly and familiar faces. Maybe you’ll find accountability partners for those days you need the extra push to get motivated. Bethesda Place’s 24-hour fitness room is a perfect place to break a sweat with your workout buddy.

Having a gym as an amenity is one luxury you can certainly feel good about it. You might be surprised how much your habits change simply knowing it’s right there. All of our communities have a number of ways for you to stay active and be your best self. Check out the complete listing here and contact us if you’re interested in a tour or moving!