Apartment Living with Your Furry Friend

Did you know 83% of renters have had difficulty finding a pet-friendly apartment? While many of Polinger’s communities are pet-friendly, it can be stressful taking care of your energetic dog or masking the smell of your cat’s litter box in your apartment. Of course, there are always ways to enhance both yours and your pet’s living experience.

That’s why our leasing teams from our pet-friendly communities have come up with some great ways to make both you and your furry friend happy and healthy year-round!

1. Enjoy the Outdoor Amenities

You may be thinking that this is obvious, which it may be. However, house training a dog in an apartment setting without a yard for them to run around and do their business in can seem daunting. That’s precisely why Country Place offers a Bark Park, where you can let your dog play with other furry friends while you meet your neighbors.

Owning and training a dog takes commitment regardless of your living situation, so sharing an apartment with your dog will require a little extra planning and consideration. After a long day, they can let out their energy in the Bark Park after a nice walk around Country Place’s beautiful community. Not only that, but their large kitchens allow plenty of space for your pet’s food and water. Your furry friend can even spend time on your patio or balcony to relax in the sun.


2. Clean the Litter Box Daily

As you may know, a cat’s litter box can quickly conjure up a stench all throughout your home. It’s very important for both you and your cat’s health that you clean out their litter box on a daily basis. As annoying of a task as it can be, taking a few minutes out of your day to refresh your furry friend’s litter box makes all the difference.

The Arcadian is happy to welcome two pets per apartment. With plenty of storage space, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot to hide your cat’s litter box from company and keep it out of sight while still being convenient and comfortable for your furry friend. A great way to mask the smell of your cat’s litter box is when you’re cleaning it out, mix baking soda into the litter. This will help cancel out any unwanted odor.


Along with Brighton Village’s beautiful apartment homes, outdoor swimming pool, and newly renovated recreational center, they are cat-friendly while many apartments don’t allow any pets whatsoever. Their spacious floor plans allow plenty of room for your cat to roam and for you to neatly tuck away their litter box.

3. Commit to a Routine

Your furry friend will thrive once you have a routine set in place, especially considering they can’t go outside and go to the bathroom whenever they need to. Try to take your dog for a walk at the same time each morning and evening so that they know when to expect it.

2401 Pennsylvania Avenue’s beautiful location in the heart of DC also offers a pet-friendly community among many luxuries. Not only will you be able to walk and see what living just a few blocks from the White House and Georgetown is like, but your furry friend will get in a nice walk as well. You’ll actually look forward to walking your dog each day. In fact, DC is so dog-friendly that the city recently hosted an event called Woofstock, where people enjoyed live music, craft beer, food trucks, and lots of cute furry friends.


As a concierge service, 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue is also happy to watch a resident’s dog while they step out on an errand. They even offer dog biscuits to treat your pet!

Along with offering various events and a beautiful clubroom and rooftop terrace to relax and entertain, The Swift Petworth is yet another pet-friendly Polinger community! They offer dog biscuits in the lobby and recently hosted a Dog Day for residents at Upshur Recreation Dog Park.


We understand how difficult it is to find an apartment community that not only fits your specific lifestyle, but also your furry friend’s. Your pet is a part of the family and we want them to feel at home as much as you do! Contact our leasing offices today and schedule a tour of our pet-friendly communities!