Fresh Farmers’ Markets

farmers-market-1329008_960_720While produce is plentiful throughout the seasons, people stop by their local farmers’ market consisting of tables upon tables of fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, and so on. As markets are wonderful resources for people, the majority of Polinger’s communities are just minutes away from various farmers’ markets. Not only that, but most of our communities offer upgraded and spacious kitchens, ideal for preparing a delicious meal with the freshest produce from our local farmers’. Did you know that there are more than 198 farmers’ markets in and around the DC area?

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Have a Picnic

Summer is rolling along, so embrace the warm weather by enjoying a meal outside in the sun! Since July is National Picnic Month, pack your basket with a delicious and nutritious lunch and lay a blanket out in the perfect spot. Among the many amenities that Polinger’s communities offer, many of them also present the ideal setting for a fun and peaceful picnic.


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Hit the Trail

National Bike Month just passed, so it only seems fitting to discuss the many trails available within close proximity to Polinger’s communities. Summer is here, and the rain seems to have finally subsided, which means many people are hopping on their bikes, gearing up for a hike, and finally hitting the trail for the day. To help you out, we have provided some information on local trails for you to explore.


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The Perfect Getaway

Unfortunately, not everyone has enough flexibility in their schedule to take a full week off from work to go away on a lavish summer vacation. That doesn’t mean they can’t get out for a weekend and enjoy a one-day staycation. This is a way to take a fun-filled day trip and explore local attractions, or just enjoy the comfort of what your own home has to offer. Polinger’s communities are located in just the right area for a much-needed and well-deserved staycation. Even the community amenities offer the perfect setting to unwind and feel just like you’re kicking your feet up in paradise.


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