Perks of Concierge Living

Imagine having someone to be that extra helping hand when you need it. Now more and more places are offering new and elevated services designed to make your life easier from the moment you walk through the door. Below we explore the perks of having comprehensive concierge care in your community:

    1. Package Security & Delivery
      With the convenience and time-saving benefits of online shopping, people are receiving more packages than ever. Unfortunately, having the delivery man leave it on a doorstep leaves your goods vulnerable to theft. Concierge services in a building add an extra layer of security so you don’t have to think twice about where to get that Amazon package shipped. It will also stop the frustrating back and forth “sorry we missed you” sticky notes from the mail-carrier. The Swift Petworth now has the Luxer One system. Once a package is logged in residents receive an email with a code as well as a barcode. Then, residents can come down at their earliest convenience and pick up their package!  
    2. Less Time Spent on Tasks
      From walking the dog to getting theater tickets, a full-service daily concierge has the ability to be more of a personal assistant than your average doorman. Residents at 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue enjoy a full suite of services at their fingertips. Restaurant reservations, interior designers, pet-feeding, groceries, dry-cleaning, and scheduling appointments are just some of the perks this Washington DC West End community provides. And what do all these benefits bring? More time to spend on the fun things in life. 
    3. Luxurious Lifestyle
      Concierge services are the ultimate way to “treat yourself.” With the increased emphasis on self-care now, there is the realization that we need to make more time for ourselves instead of letting the hustle and bustle of life sweep us away. The extra hand or friendly face when you walk into the building is a valuable part of having a higher quality of life. Residents at 4000 Massachusetts Avenue in the Cathedral Heights neighborhood of Washington DC have 24-hour front desk concierge service and entrance doorman service. The perfect assistant for life’s comings and goings.

Interested in living in a community with concierge services? See our list of communities and their amenities here.

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Apartment’s Amenity Spaces

The best apartment amenities simply make life better. Apartment living has many benefits and the use of beautiful shared spaces is one of the most valuable for creating the dynamic modern lifestyle many of us crave. Below we explore a couple of ways to use your community amenities:

  1. Work From Home
    Whether you are studying for your Masters or have the option to work remotely at your job— you’ll probably want to leave your home to limit distractions and concentrate. Instead of hunting down the perfect place in a crowded coffee shop or library, an apartment with an on-site lounge/office area is the ideal place to get stuff done. Aura Pentagon City has an incredible business center with Wi-Fi and Mac Work stations. No printer? Residents at Highland House Community enjoy free faxing and copying services.
  2. Gather for an Event
    Attractive communal gathering spaces are a great perk that apartment residents get to use. If you have an event you want to celebrate with loved ones, save yourself the trouble of getting your home in tip-top shape for guests when you host it in a community room! The Swift Petworth has an amazing lounge area with big screen TV’s that are excellent for hosting a gathering— from a sporting event watch party to a book club meet up (just make sure to reserve with the management office in advance).
  3. Barbeque with Friends
    Bond over burgers and vegetable kabobs at on-site grill areas. The perfect spot to gather and socialize when the weather is warm. 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue has a rooftop terrace with lounge seating, grills, and beautiful views of the Washington, DC skyline. Any gathering there is sure
    to be memorable!

  4. Use the Dog Park
    Have a furry best friend? Break up the routine of a regular walk and give your dog a safe space to exercise and roam around freely at a dog park. It gives your dog a chance to socialize with other dogs and is a great way to meet people in your community who also love dogs. Country Place Apartments has a Bark Park that will make both you and your pet very happy!
  5. Take a Dip
    When summer rolls around the pool is the prime spot to socialize and cool off. Rollins Congressional Club is a free amenity for our Rollins Park and Congressional Towers residents. The pool has lots of features people love in the summertime like a Lazy River and lap pool. Host a summer birthday party when you book the clubhouse!

 Have a Community Amenity Space? Use it! All Polinger communities have some type of amenity space for our residents to enjoy. Browse our list of communities and their amenities here.

Why You Should Choose An Apartment With a Gym

The process of moving into an apartment can be as active as a workout, but it’s all worth it in the end when you get to enjoy your beautiful new place. The same way exercising is worth it in the end when you feel that rush of feel-good endorphins. Now once you get adjusted to your new place, it’s time to create a routine. How will you incorporate healthy choices in your lifestyle? Below we explore the reasons why fitness centers are such a valued amenity:  

  1. Save on big-box gym memberships. Many gyms can charge up to $100 a month for access and if there are a pool and group classes you can expect to have the cost added into your membership fee. Rollins Congressional Club is a free amenity for our Rollins Park and Congressional Towers communities and includes treadmills, elliptical step machines, group classes, and a pool! The pool has lots of features you’ll enjoy in the summertime like a Lazy River, lap pool, and swimming lessons.

    The Swift Petworth Fitness Center
    The Swift Petworth Fitness Center
  2. Cut your commute time. Surveys and studies have told us that commute time can have a direct effect on your overall well-being. With a gym right in your building, you’re already exercising by simply walking to it and you can maximize the time there instead of in your car getting to the gym. Achieve your health goals with ease in the fully-equipped fitness center with Precor equipment and free weights at The Swift Petworth.
  3. Open whenever you want to go. Have an usual schedule or work odd hours? You don’t have to rush to make a group class time or open gym hours. You can work out whenever it’s convenient with a gym at your fingertips. Highland House Communities and many of our other communities have 24-hour access.
  4. Save money not buying gym equipment. Fitness equipment trends come and go. Remember the Bow-Flex® or now the Peloton® bike? People tend to buy equipment because they believe having easy access will make them more active. You’ll never have the urge to make an expensive purchase that often ends up collecting dust because you’ll already have the convenience of an in-building gym. Our communities in Montgomery County like Brighton Village and Country Place Apartments, both offer comprehensive fitness centers.
  5. Make new friends. Your gym at your apartment building will be made up of members of your community so you’re likely to see friendly and familiar faces. Maybe you’ll find accountability partners for those days you need the extra push to get motivated. Bethesda Place’s 24-hour fitness room is a perfect place to break a sweat with your workout buddy.

Having a gym as an amenity is one luxury you can certainly feel good about it. You might be surprised how much your habits change simply knowing it’s right there. All of our communities have a number of ways for you to stay active and be your best self. Check out the complete listing here and contact us if you’re interested in a tour or moving!

Take Part in Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day of Service

Make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a day ON instead of a day OFF in 2020. This year MLK Day is on Monday, January 20, and is a chance for Americans to honor Dr. King’s legacy through service and volunteerism in their community. The day perfectly captures Martin Luther King, Jr.’s quote “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'”

Below you’ll find service projects going on near our Polinger apartment communities in which you can participate:

Polinger Company strives to give back to our communities and actively seek to support the areas our properties are located. We organize service events throughout the year. Together with our site teams, our corporate office employees recently participated in our volunteer event at Capital Area Food Bank and packaged 340 bags for seniors and packaged 500 boxes for families. In all, we packaged over 15,000 pounds of food and had tons of fun doing it! Thank you to our team members who came out to help!